Mixing the analogue and the digital.

I wanted set myself a new challenge as part of this module. I also wanted to be creative with new ways of working during lockdown/restricted studio access, my aim is to experiment and get better using photoshop. Here are some ideas I have been working on.

Using my Lino print and placing a quote on top in a bright yellow.
I didn’t record this quote in my sketchbook but it’s a great one from Einstein. I played around with type and blending to get the look I wanted. I like the idea of this as a poster, or a book about the positives of children’s play for adults.
Using my screen print shapes to add text over the top.
Adding some text and leaving the other shapes to represent the letters.
Making the text transparent.

I really like mixing my work with digital. I don’t think I would want to start off making digital work as I like the fine art/handmade quality to come through the piece.

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