Studio File/Influences

Supermundane aka Rob Lowe

Graphic artist based in London UK

I’m finding it difficult to find out a lot of my influences dates of birth. I guess it doesn’t really matter but it would be nice to get an idea of what time they grew up in, so I could get a sense of their influences! One thing I do know is at the time of writing my studio file everyone is very much alive.

Anyway on to Supermundane /Rob Lowe another artist who is known for his use of colour, geometric shapes and text. Lowe’s work has also translated well into product design such as rugs and book covers. Lowe likes strong compositions and uses line and colour to achieve this. He attributes his signature style to his graphic design training which was done before “computer domination”. I read an article online where Lowe describes “putting simplicity at the heart of his work” ( This is something I find really interesting, I like to give my work spaces to breath, so I like to keep ideas simple.

Image from Lo and Behold artist productions. I love how this design totally works on a rug.
Banner made to support NHS charity , which is available for the public to purchase. I love the distinctive pattern and positive text.
Supermundane’s latest work a mural for London Graphic Centre in Covent Garden. I am really inspired by the way work can transform its surroundings, the colours the text it’s all really motivating.

Yinka Ilori

Artist London UK.

Yinka Ilori is a multidisciplinary artist who uses his British and Nigerian heritage to tell stories through design. I have to say I am totallty enamoured with his work. Ilori often uses text, but I also love his work for it vibrant colour, patterns and clean lines, he is colour obsessed. Ilori started off working in furniture design repurposing and reimagining furniture, this totally piqued my interest. Since then he has been quite prolific, working on book covers, bridges, skateparks, playgrounds and socks (I really want a pair, they are awesome). Ilori has also worked on window displays for big London department stores. I have noticed this seems to be more of a thing with a lot of the higher end shops such as Cos and Selfridges, working with contemporary artists on concepts/window designs. Ilori is another artist who has worked on the “Your space or mine?” billboard positivity project. I read in an interview Ilori likes to think about “colour and design in our everyday environment”.

Mural commissioned by Harrow Council.
Skate park in France. I read that the colour palette was chosen by the experience that Ilori wanted the users to feel when using the space, joy and excitement. I get these feelings just looking at his work. This is something I want to work more on. Using colour to produce feelings.
Playland commissioned by Pinterest for Cannes film festival 2019. Inspired by the London skyline and council estate playgrounds. The idea was to encourage adults to play and use their imagination.
I love this plate as part of Ilori’s tableware range. I think it demonstrates how text can work on everyday products.

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