Some thoughts

Here are some more ideas and workings out that I want to include/document. I have found that I have never been short of ideas for this project and to be honest I’m not sure I am totally done with it.

I made a pattern on some white paper and put it through photoshop. I then layered text over the top. I’m interested in the colour of the background/paper that I use. I want to experiment with different coloured paper, as this can totally change the feel of the work. The idea of cutting the word play was to give it some movement to appear be playful. I have been trying to come up with my own quotes/invitations to play.
Again coming up with patterns then using photoshop to layer text on top. Experimenting with colours before I decide to use this idea with a phrase.
Taking the previous idea and printing it out before reassembling it and making it illegible. I like the idea of being deliberately indecipherable. This could be something for future work?
I went back to my work playing around with letter formation. This is part of the Lino print letter P, (as seen in a previous post on geometric type). Blown up and layered many times in photoshop then over layered with pattern. I quite like taking letters blowing them up and turning them into patterns in their own right. I have an idea for taking this piece forward, which I will explore further in another post.

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