Studio File/Influences

Brutalist Playground

Interactive exhibition 2015, Collaboration between Assemble collective and artist Simon Terrill.

When I first started this block of work I had this exhibition in the back of my mind. An interactive exhibition exploring post-war design for play, the playground was seen as a key aspect of housing estate layout. I don’t necessarily want to create an immersive installation but I am interested in how play and art can intersect. Also this is the only exhibition my children have asked to go to twice.

Photo taken at The Edge gallery in Bath 2017.

Play Rebellion

Interactive exhibition 2019, Pippa Hale.

I did a fair bit of research into play and art, I read about this 2019 exhibition at the Baltic in Gateshead. It was designed to encourage people of all ages to “come together through play”. (Pippa Hale). This to me is a call-back to my work as a community practitioner, encouraging play as a way of bonding. I see this block of work as an invitation/call to arms inviting people to play or open up conversation about adding play back into our busy lives. I found reading about Hale’s work inspiring. The way she describes contemporary life as being drained of creativity, is something that I have reflected upon as part of my work. I understand that some people feel all “played out” particularly during the past year. I’m looking at my own experiences and the bigger picture, when life is hurtling along at full pace and we can take back some creative control. This could be as adults or families modelling and participating in play together.

Image from Pippa Hale’s website. I find her use of colour interesting I feel it’s more an adult palette but it could be scientific, and colours more distinguishable to very young children. The choice of palette was something I was unable to find out about.

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