I am interested in art in public spaces/community art. As this work is about promoting play and inviting people to play I feel I want it used in a community recreational space. I had the idea of mocking up a playground and a basketball court on photoshop with some of my designs. Then on a walk through my local park I was reminded of the table tennis project Ping! Bristol. Table tennis in public spaces for anyone and everyone to play. So I thought my designs/invitations to play could translate to the table tennis table. Then I found an artist that does combine table tennis and art, based in London called the art of ping-pong. This led to discussions in the studio with my fellow course mates, about how you think you hit on an original/whacky idea, only to realise its already being done, probably several times over! On this page are my basketball court design ideas/invitations to play. On the next post I will share my table tennis ideas.

Basketball courts are usually found in most city parks. My daughter plays a lot of netball but these courts aren’t often public, I wanted to design something she would be interested in using. She could practice netball on a public basketball court. An invitation to play.
I actually think I like the pink court the best!
I decided to mock up a slightly more abstract design.This was part of my exploration of letter formation and the idea of breaking letters down. Less of an instruction but making the court an inviting space, maybe less intimidating? This is a call back to my research on Yinka Ilori and how he uses particular colour palettes to evoke particular feelings. Orange is a positive colour so I want people to feel confident and positive in using this court.

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