Level 3 ; The view from the studio.

Building on my work from the end of level 2, I want to continue exploring ideas around play and art and how the two can intertwine. I am interested in text as the raw material, how I can use text and where I can take it. Here are some things I have made so far.

Repurposing a letterpress print from last years work. Turning it into a collage, back to basics allowing myself to play.
Taking the image into photoshop and playing around with it. Playing with space,colour and layers.
Another letterpress collage, playing with space. I went back to old prints as I’ve been thinking a lot about how I make art and the impact on the environment. I don’t want to be wasteful and I want to think carefully about how I can make things in a considerate way.
Working on this one digitally too. It reminds me of a puzzle. I’m really interested in space and the impact it can have on a piece.

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