Here is a little sketchbook tour of some recent makes/works in progress. Some ideas I was working on in preparation for taking into letterpress.

Making use of studio time, playing with old prints. Does lettering/text have to be legible?
I listened to a talk given by musician/producer/artist/theorist, Brian Eno from 2015. It was that years John Peel lecture for the annual radio festival. I remember hearing it at the time and wanted to revisit it for this body of work. Having worked with children much of it resonates with me. I typed a tiny section up with my typewriter looking for bits of texts I could pull out for printing. I used wax crayons to write “let’s imagine”. I chose crayons as they are used manly by children when they first start mark making and drawing. I was thinking of the different interpretations of “let’s imagine “. We could imagine and go into a pretend world, or we can think of progress and better things to come.
Some notes/workings for letterpress printing ideas.

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