Letterpress Workshop

I recently attended a letterpress workshop at The Letterpress collective here in Bristol. I was in my element, in this working studio based in Bristol’s old city. Also I knew I was in the right place when I spotted the record player and massive collection of vinyl! The team are very knowledgeable about print and Bristol’s rich printing history. They were able to tell me things about my Grandad’s (a former printer) employers that I hadn’t heard before. With so much type to choose from, it was an exciting day of printmaking. I also enjoyed hearing about where some of the type came from and the printers they previously belonged to. I got to set lead type and use an Adana press for the first time. I have been eyeing them up on eBay ever since! In the afternoon I was let loose on the woodblock, what a treat that was, I used a Swiss press which is very similar to the Vandercook. Here are some of my prints.

The Letterpress Collective studio and some of their recent work.
Setting the type for the Adana.
Scenes from the studio
Woodblock action
Prints from the woodblock. On reflection I don’t like the question mark. There were very few question marks available, I had to look hard to find some. I think they were expensive, so I will potentially cut them out of my poster.

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