I wanted to do a separate post about my finished ping pong paddle. I had previously designed a collage from a letterpress print and some coloured paper. I shared a picture of the proposed paddle design and i was super happy when the finished product arrived. I felt the design was playful and fun and lent itself well to a ping pong paddle. Maybe if the paddle looks interesting it would encourage someone to pick it up and have a go.

Collage design from bits of letterpress then reworked in photoshop.

I came up with the idea of creating ping pong paddles after being inspired by a project called Ping, which aims to bring table tennis to unexpected places on the streets of England. Ping is an ongoing project and table tennis tables and equipment, popped up in Bristol shopping centres libraries and other community hubs to encourage everyone to take part. As part of its legacy there are permanent tables around Bristol. I’ve said it before and I will say it again I like the idea of taking projects to the community and making them accessible. I would like to plan some kind of art/play event for the public where I could potentially incorporate table tennis and get people playing with print.

Table tennis paddle. It is very pleasing to have a physical product with this design on.

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