More Printing

Keeping the prints flowing, I have lots of ideas I want to take into letterpress. During this session I wanted to experiment with the placement of text and make it playful. I also had ideas around layering and printing other texts over the top.

I decided to go with acid yellow for this print. I was thinking it would be a good colour to layer over the top with. But once again this is all trial and error and I’m still figuring out what works. Anyway I wanted a punchy bright colour that screams play and playfulness.
On the drying rack. I forgot to take a picture of the set type. It took me a bit of working out and playing around with the furniture to get the placement of the letters to how I wanted. The test print made me realise that the letters were all on one side of the paper so I changed them about. I was happy with the above print.
Here are some finished prints placed collectively for maximum playful impact.
I then worked on the print in photoshop to play with layers and brightness/shadow. I think this could be explored further and has potential to be used as a design. Maybe the cover for a play manifesto?

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