Acrylic and stencil, cutting out letters. Quote from online forum discussing the game monopoly.
Texture, mixed media background. Idea for printing onto.
More letterpress printing. Ideas around game playing allowing the viewer to decide their own meaning.

Working on a text I found in an article about play therapy. The play is monotonous and routine for the therapist but not for the child, who needs the reassurance of the routine and repetitiveness. I stencilled the text onto coloured paper like fly posters. I then read an article in the local press about the outcome of a domestic violence case involving a local football manager. I found the story to be the same outcome. The alleged victim a woman retracting her statement. The text I have been working on seemed to fit with the article and my feelings about it. The bottom picture is the fly poster in the local environment. A busy section of cycle path on the route into Bath.

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