Studio File/Influences

Morag Myerscough

Designer/artist UK London. Born in 1963-

Morag Myerscough is known for colourful work that integrates type. Myerscough set up her own design studio in the 1990s. I like that Myerscough says she sees no boundaries within disciplines and will work on architectural projects, art projects, product design or experienced based art. Myerscough has collaborated on many projects, sometimes with other artists, sometimes with communities. I am interested in Myerscough’s use of colour and pattern. I like how for her latest project “a new now” she has taken the phrases a “New normal” which was banded about by politicians and media at the height of the Covid pandemic, and adapted it. The statement Myerscough put out to accompany the work described the work as a piece “to encourage, with communicative joy, to build an after to the Covid crisis.” I am always interested to learn why artists use the text they do and where it comes from. I was very excited to spot “a new now” on the streets of Bristol. As well as being an installation on the streets of Paris, France, it is part of a UK wide campaign to spread messages of positivity. An ongoing project called “your space or mine”, has collaborated with artists on this national billboard campaign.

A New Now. Paris installation concept. Image from
Billboard campaign from 2020, a message of thanks .
Super Hot : funhouse installation for a festival in Bucharest 2017/2018. The installation was designed with intricate details to facilitate a range of activities. I really like the inclusion of text in this installation.

Lakwena Maciver

Artist UK, London based.

Lakwena Maciver is known for artwork that combines colour, decorative patterns and empowering phrases. Maciver’s work often provides a response or statement on the current political and social climate. Maciver uses bright bold colours and text often influenced by her African roots. Maciver has produced work internationally, a lot of her work consists of large scale murals in public places. I like the idea of art in public spaces, I wonder whether it is a particular type of person who visits a gallery? Public art can potentially reach all different kinds of audiences. When I was thinking about where to take my ideas and researching public play spaces and basketball courts, I found that Maciver had been involved with a community project in Arkansas USA. A mural with vibrant colours using the words of poet Maya Angelou, to inspire and bring art to the public. I saw these images and I was really moved by the words and the idea behind the project. It kind of brings home the power that words can have.

Large mural in London.
Basketball court design in Arkansas. I love the colours but also the words used are bold and powerful.

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